Weatherly is an Android app which displays detailed weather data for your current location. It displays several useful details about the current weather at your place, including humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed (& direction) etc. You can get it from Google Play.



  As mentioned above, Weatherly displays detailed current weather data for your location. It displays the following details –

a) Your location (including latitude and longitude data, alongwith place name and country name)

b) Current weather condition (e.g. rain, haze, clouds) with icon

c) Current temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit, as per your choice)*

d) Humidity, e.g. 45%

e) Atomspheric pressure, e.g. 1019 hpa

f) Wind speed & direction, e.g. 1.5 m/s E (or 3.36 mph E)*

g) Sunrise & sunset time



Settings - Metric

Settings – Metric

Settings - Imperial

Settings – Imperial

Weatherly - Imperial units

Weatherly – Imperial units

* – You can set whether you want to use metric units (Celsius for temperature and m/s for Wind speed) or imperial units (Fahrenheit for temperature and mph for Wind speed). The thermometer icon in the action bar is the Settings menu, where you can choose your desired option.

  The weather data comes from Therefore, the accuracy of the displayed data depends upon the data supplied by them. This app only fetches and displays the received data.

Please Note that current weather data here means data that may be slightly old (from a few minutes to about an hour), depending upon when you open the app. Since weather data is updated every 1-1.5 hours, the data displayed by the app may not be accurate sometimes. For example, if there are clouds in the sky and it suddenly starts raining, Weatherly may still show clouds (instead of rain) as the current weather condition for some time. It might take some time before it shows rain as the current weather condition. This is normal and it happens with every weather app.

  After installing Weatherly, please rate it and post a review. 🙂 Your reviews and suggestions will help me make it better and more useful. Also, don’t forget to SHARE IT with your friends.

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