Welcome to Android Code Bits! My name is Gaurav Anand and I am an Android Developer from India. Before I created this website, I used to work with my friends on another website named Windows Code Bits which is all about Windows articles and C/C++, C# and Visual Basic projects. It was fun but it wasn’t exactly my type of thing. Hence, I decided to quit my work on Windows and start learning how to develop apps for the Android platform.

About Android Code Bits

  The purpose of this website i.e. Android Code Bits is to provide help to new Android developers as well as professionals on Android-related topics. Currently, the website is quite new and hence, there isn’t much content here. However, you can bookmark it and come back later to view more awesome content. If you have a question or if you wish to suggest something, feel free to contact me.

Please Note that this website is NOT affiliated to Google Inc. or any other company.

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